New Brands | Volcom & Electric

We`re the new, official agent for Volcom & Electric in Switzerland for your local shop. Our Headquarter is based in Düdingen, the Showroom you`ll find in Zürich and the Logistic Center we moved to Villeneuve. All the contact informations you`ll find here


Read the official announcement of Volcom Inc.

Volcom will be represented in Switzerland through a new agency: Vision-o Gmbh managed by Orlando Hügli and Terrence Sprenger. Volcom is very proud of the presence we have built over 19 years with Welcom Distribution and now is the time to take the next step. By changing our set up, we fully trust you will get even better service and support. With our strategy, teams, marketing and product where they are we have a very good momentum in Europe. With direct effect, vision-o will be responsible for all service, sales, marketing and other running business. With the team in place, we bring a lot of experience and Volcom spirit. In the next few weeks, you will be contacted for setting up the appointments for Fall 19 and Snow 20.